Online Devalia Safari Booking

Online Devalia Safari Booking
Price (Indian) : INR 4500 / Jeep ( Maximum 6 Persons are allowed in ONE Jeep )
Price (Foreigner) INR 13800 / Jeep ( Maximum 6 Persons are allowed in ONE Jeep )
Zones : Gir Jungle Trail
Timings : 6:00 – 7:00 | 7:00 – 8:00 | 8:00 – 9:00 | 9:00 – 10:00 | 10:00 – 11:00 AM & 3:00 -4:00 | 4:00 – 5:00 | 5:00 – 6:00 PM
The price includes : Jeep & Driver (1700), Permit Charges (1000), Guide Charges (400), One Camera Charges (200), Online Payment Gateway Charges (200) & Our Service Charges and Taxes (800).

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Devalia Online Safari Booking


Devaliya safari park is also known by the name of Gir Interpretation Zone. It’s a beautiful area in the Gir National Park which is created to reduce the pressure of the Gir National Park .Safari ride is completely controlled and operated by the Forest Department. It is must to accompany a driver and a guide during your safari ride. The drivers and the guides accompanying the safari ride are approved by the forest department. For Devaliya Safari ride a tourist has to go for Devaliya Safari booking well in advance. A tourist can request before three months of his actual ride for Devaliya Safari Booking. There are certain norms during the booking which is must to follow for any tourist otherwise the booking will be treated invalid.

Online Devalia Safari Park Safari Timings

Vehicle Type Particulars Morning Timings Evening Timings
Bus Monday To Sunday 7:30 AM To 11 AM 3 PM To 6 PM
Gypsy Monday To Sunday 7 AM To 7:55 AM 3 PM To 3:55 PM
Gypsy Monday To Sunday 8 AM To 8:55 AM 4 PM To 4:55 PM
Gypsy Monday To Sunday 9 AM To 9:55 AM 5 PM To 5:55 PM
Gypsy Monday To Sunday 10 AM To 10:55 AM

Not:- Every Wednesday Devalia Jeep & Bus Safari Closed

Online Devalia Safari Booking and Important Facts

Devalia is an interpretation zone which is created by the forest Department. Devaliya is also famous by the name of Gir Interpretation Zone.It is an area inside the Gir national park. It is created to reduce the lots of disturbance from the main sanctuary area due to tourism. It hasofferb the opportunity to the tourists to feel the importance of wild life and the Gir National Park. You will feel ‘Gir in a nut shell’ when you will see 412 ha of chain link fencing the area. It is a beautiful area which is carved by the forest authorities and so for ecotourism it has become a distinct locale. Here the wild life lovers will get the opportunity to spot out the Lion and the other wild animals which are rare in Gir. Here the viewing of the animals can be done at very cheaper rates and in shorter period. This beautiful zone is fully capable for reducing every kind of disturbance which comes due to tourism and thus it attracts the tourists in large number. This area is beautifully segregated from the main Sanctuary and so the tourists comes to know the importance of Gir National Park. This beautiful area covers all kinds of habitat and the major kinds of wild life. The basic aim to create Devaliya is to spot lions and other wild animals in their natural habitat. Tourist gets the opportunity to spot lion and the other wild animals in very short time during their safari ride and thus the load on the main sanctuary has been reduced. By Devaliya Safari booking, tourists will get the opportunity to explore the Devaliya nicely and they can easily spot Blue Bells, Spotted Deer, Blackbucks, Wild Boars, Chinkaras and Sambars. Lots of opportunity are there to spot Lion in Savana habitat and this moment will be a great treat to the eyes of the tourists. Fauna of Devaliya is excellent. Beautiful grasslands and the beautiful birds are also the attraction of this Devaliya Safari ride.

Time for the Devaliya Safari Ride.

From Monday to Sunday, the morning time for the first lot Gypsy Safari is 7AM to 7:55AM, and the time for evening Gypsy Safari is 3PM to 3:55PM.

From Monday to Sunday, the morning time for second lot Gypsy Safari is 8AM to 8:55AM and in the eveningthe time will be 4PM to 4:55PM.

From Monday to Sunday, the morning time of the third lot Gypsy Safari ride is 9AM to9:55AM and the evening time for gypsy safari is 4PM to 4:55PM.

From Monday to Sunday the time fo the Gypsy ride is 10 AM to 10:55AM.

Note:(Wednesday is closed on every week)