Devaliya Lion Safari Park

Devaliya Lion Safari Park is situated very close to Kanar in the state of Gujarat, India. It is one of the most fascinating and beautiful places of India and people from all across the world must visit it. Devaliya, The lion safari park is barely 12 km from Sasan-Gir, and is perhaps the only place where you can come across Asia 's largest number of lions. If you do not find lions anywhere in the world, you must visit gir forest atleast once.

Devaliya lion Safari takes you to the closed bout with natural surroundings that hosts the 9-10 lions and many other wild animals. This area is sufficient enough and takes in 16 Sq Km and people who visit this place actually get the feeling of backwoods once they come into the park.

The Lion Shows in Devaliya Area :

The ideal way of discovering the jungle and a certain way of watching the lions is by seeing the Lion Shows that are prearranged by the establishment in the Dewaliya area. The show is now going to be substituted by the jungle safaris, so that the viewing chances of this royal creature increases.Seeing free lion is extremely tough as one needs to have patience and guts to visit those particular areas where the lions are seen during the day. There are restrictions of timings, the vehicles are not allowed to blow the horns, speed limits should be there,etc.. in Gir Jungle. These are some of the reasons why DEVALIYA Park came into existence. Devaliya Park in the Gir forest is chiefly developed to exihibit free lions to all the visitors who are coming to Gujarat to visit the Sasan Gir Park, from all parts of India and world.

Permits for Devaliya :

The permits are required to visit the Sasan and Devaliya park. Earlier people had to stand in long queues for these permits. But recently government has started the system of availing the permit online.They can book their permit well in advance and pay through the credit cards.But online permits are non-refundable.This particular system has been named Gir Online Permit Booking System.

Accomodation In Devaliya Park :

Accommodation all around the park is certainly not a problem as there are hotels od different range available. There are also 2 lodges operated by the forest department within the park. These are the Gir lodge and the Sinh Sadan Forest Lodge. To avoid inconvenience book these lodges well in advance, so that you don't have to run around at the last minute.

Best Time to visit :

The best time to visit the Devaliya Park is from 15th October to June First week. Devalia Safari Park stays closed on Wednesdays. All the information related to the guides, Vehicle, Camera fee are accessible locally at the reception of Sasan Gir.You will also be given all the information at the reception as to which is the best time to visit the park during the day. Come to Devaliya lion safari and have a wonderful travel experience.