Sasan Gir National Park

The Gir National Park (also known as Sasan-Gir) and Lion Sanctuary is collectively known as the Gir Protected Area.


About Sasan Gir National Park

The province of Sasan Gir National Park was the hunting ground amid British Rule in India. Hunting of tigers among Rajas and Maharajas were considered as mind boggling pride. If you wish to see fascinated from the cover of a thick bush and the pride of Gujarat- Asiatic Lion: Sasan Gir National park is the only natural habitat in the world outside Africa where they can be encountered at a first glance. The majestic animal of Gir is known for unique anatomy, averaging 2.75 meters in length.

The magnificence of the real Asiatic lions is widespread all across the world and for those who have a curiosity to see these lions: Sasan Gir National Park is the best place to tour around. Located around 65 kms to the south-east of Junagarh which is one of the famous districts in Gujarat, the Asiatic Lions are the key attractions of this park. Founded in the year of 1965, the Gir sanctuary is spread up in 1412 sq km total area in the Surastra state. In the beginning, this park was established with a vision to conserve the gigantic Asiatic Lions. These lions are known as the most endangered lion species in the world. Numerous hunters and researchers from different corners of the globe visit this park just because Gir is the only abode of the lions besides Africa.

Sasan Gir National Park consists of a great ecosystem because of its rich biodiversity with its 2000 insect species, 606 plant species, more than 300 birds' species and 36 mammals' species. The large area of the Gir national park is covered with deciduous dry forest which contributes greatly to keep the environment moderate in most of the time in a year. Hence, it is quite correct when we say that Gir National park is critical part to the Gujarat's life.

Just as other famous national parks like Corbett National Park and Ranthambore National Park which attract tiger lovers a lot due to exclusive presence of tigers, the Sasan Gir National Park is a favourite destination of lion lovers. So, during your visit to the Gir National Park, your meet up with the Jungle Kind - Lion is confirmed. In this place, the Asiatic lions can be spotted in their fully natural habitat.

About Gir National Park

Total area covered by Sasan Gir National Park - 1413 sq.kms. The most famous element of the park - the endangered Asiatic Lions As per the Lion Census 2010, the number of lions present in Gir - 411 total lions, 152 cubs, 162 females and 97 males. The altitude of the park - varies from 150 to 530 meter above the sea level. East longitude - 700 50' 710 15' North latitude - 200 40' 210 50' Temperature of the park - minimum temperature drops in cold winter below 100 C and goes up to 450 C in summer. The rainfall frequency is 650 mm in the East Gir and 100 mm in the west Gir. An ideal season to visit Gir National Park is between November to January. The park remains closed from mid of June to September.

A More Detailed Look Into Major Wildlife Attractions In Sasan Gir National Park -

Information on Wildlife Animal Species: The whole forest land of Sasan Gir National Park comprises of dry deciduous vegetation which is an ideal home for the Asiatic Lions. According to the 2015 statics, there are total 523 Asiatic Lions with over 300 leopards in the Saurastra region. In addition to these animals, the park is also a home of 2 varied species of deer. The popularity of Sambar is also high in this park. The forest area of Gir is also famous for the presence of Chowsingha which is the 4 horned antelope. Besides them, there are stripped hyenas, Indian Fox and Jackal also available in significant numbers.

Reptiles In Sasan Gir:

The Gir National Park is a proud home for above 40 species of amphibians and reptiles. Kamleshwar is known as a large reservoir of the Gir Sanctuary as here you can see Marsh Crocodiles in a huge population. In addition, there are different species of snake can also be found including Russell's viper, the Krait, Saw-scaled viper and King Kobra.

Devaliya Safari Park is known as the Gir Interpretation Zone as it is located near the sanctuary and offers a remarkable opportunity to travelers to see the wilderness and rustic beauty of the park. To have the best view of wildlife in this park, the safari in a mini bus which accommodates visitors to different sections of Gir is such a brilliant idea. Here, Gir tourists can spend a quality time watching a unique variety of wildlife for around half an hour which is such a dream experience for any lion or wildlife lover.

How To Reach Sasan Gir National Park:

To reach at this park from any corner of the world, the tourists can choose a range of transportation options. As the Gir National Park fascinates a huge numbers of vacationers to see the wildlife including Asiatic Lion as this park is known as the only place to locate these rare lions in the world, today all kinds of vacationers prefer to come over in their holiday seasons. Though the sanctuary does not remain open throughout the year, but the gates of sanctuary are opened for visitors during the months of mid of October to mid of June every year.

So, when you decide to tour in Gir National Park, make sure you are familiar with the nearest routes or accessing points to this park. To reach here, Junagarh is known as the ideal approach. Hence, you can take trains to Junagarh railway station which are available from all cities of Gujarat like Rajkot, Ahemdabad etc. After reaching in Junagarh, you can take any local transportation which will take around one and half hours to reach at this park.

Local Transportation Available To Reach Sasan Gir National Park:

If you choose rail route to reach this park via Rajkot, then after reaching at railway station of Rajkot, you can take a bus or a cab for Limda chowk. From this chowk, you can find many privately run vehicles for Junagarh. The distance of Junagarh from Rajkot is 105 kms which takes around 2 and half hours to cover the entire distance. After reaching Junagarh, you get two transportation options for Gir - one to take bust for the gate no. 11 and 12 or take a taxi that will bang on the taxi stand. The taxi charges are very reasonable and it takes around 1 and half hour to reach Sasan Gir.

Reaching Gir From Somnath

From Somnath, the approximate driving distance or road distance of Gir National Park is 50 kms which takes around 1 hour to complete this distance. By taking any private bus or a GSRTC bus, you can reach in Gir from Somnath directly.

Reaching Gir From Diu

Diu is another important reaching point for Gir National Park. There is a famous airport of Diu from where you can find flights to major cities in India and also reach Diu from flight. After reaching here, hire a cab immediately while exiting from the airport and it will easily take you to the park. From the Diu airport, the distance of park is approximately 110 kms which takes around 2 hours to reach. In case, you reach at the Diu airport in the late afternoon, it is better to stop by Diu and visit Somnath temple as it is located only 80 kms from here and within 1 hour you can reach at the temple. After visiting, have a stay at Somnath and then, take you way to Sasan Gir National Park which is merely 40 kms from there and the journey can be completed merely in half an hour. Other famous routes to Sasan Gir National park via road are Veraval at 40 kms distance, Keshod at 45 kms, Rajkot at 160 kms, Ahemdabad 410 kms and Junagarh at 55 kms. Sasan is the nearest railway head to the park and Rajkot rail head is second nearest rail route.

Attractions In & Around Sasan Gir-
  1. Kamleshwar Dham
  2. Somnath Temple
  3. Durabar Hall Museum
  4. Junagarh Zoo
  5. DurgaMandir
  6. Mahabat Maqbara
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